TOP 5 DAIR KISSES (in no particular order)

Saturday Apr 7 @ 11:21pm


Hi! I’ve been roleplaying for a long time now and I decided that I wanted to rp Annie Cresta from the Hunger Games trilogy. If you ship Odesta/Fannie and are willing to do a 1x1 roleplay then please do audition. I’m looking for someone who’s literate and active despite the time differences and hopefully someone who’s imaginative to help create storylines as the rp goes. 

Before that, let me tell you more about myself. Just call me Em! I’m 17 years old and my timezone’s GMT +8. I’m really active right now since it’s summer time in my country so I can stay up late if you live in an area that has a different timezone. I’m very friendly and open to anything so feel free to talk to me if you have questions or ideas. 

If you’re interested in joining, please click here

Tempted but conflicting schedules!! ):

Saturday Apr 7 @ 10:30pm

Someone be the Avan Jogia to our Liz Gillies here

You’d have to create an OC though or pick one of the novel characters available.

We just want Elavan

Monday Apr 2 @ 10:33pm

Anonymous said: Please call off your engagement with Louis and go back to Chuck! You and him are just the hottest!!

Just because we’re both ‘hot’ doesn’t mean we have to be together. Chuck moved on. And so am I. He was the one who gave his blessing to Louis. Besides, I love Louis.

Wednesday Oct 5 @ 09:33pm

impossible-heights-deactivated2 said: The sad part is your PWEEETY :3 Still, have a great married life :] And enjoy every moment. I hope you stay happy forever. :D

Ahaha, thanks.

I hope so too, I hope so too…

Wednesday Oct 5 @ 09:31pm


Dan gave her a nod before turning his attention back on the screen. He allowed a moment to pass by before speaking softly. “I’m always here for you, if you want to talk… or for anything you need.” he told her, giving her a quick glace and a small smile before falling silent once more. He wondered if Blair was truly happy with everything that’s been going on, before he quickly shook it off. Of course she was. It was probably just the wedding planning that was getting to her. Yeah, that was it.

Blair couldn’t help but smile at him. I’m always here for you. She could always count on him - he really is always there for him. “I know. And thanks.” She murmured as she took a quick glance at him before facing back the screen. Her thoughts were back to her own royal wedding. What’s there to be worried about? She and Louis both love each other, right? She told herself she could handle all the pressure, she and Chuck are both moving on. So everything will be fine. Everything. Hopefully.

Wednesday Oct 5 @ 09:30pm

impossible-heights-deactivated2 said: You're getting married.. :( Man! :/

Yes, I am. I don’t see what’s so sad about me getting married.

Thursday Sep 29 @ 05:38am

Anonymous said: I love you and I want to...well.. know you *blush* :3

I don’t even know you and I’m also getting married in 3 months. But thank you I guess?

Wednesday Sep 28 @ 10:33pm

Anonymous said: Get a life!

Just so you know, I do have a life. 

You should get a life.

Wednesday Sep 28 @ 08:49pm


Dan watched as Blair’s light smile quickly turned upside down. He knew all at once that there was something wrong, not just from the tone of her voice when she read the message. Dan was aware of how important it was for Blair to be able to control things in her life, and he could only imagine what it means for her to be able to make the decisions for her wedding was for her. “So tell them no, Blair.” he told her. “Tell them it’s your wedding and you’re going to carry the flowers you want. You’re Blair Waldorf, remember? People don’t tell you what to do.” he said, wincing a little at the word wedding.

"I did. I told Louis to talk to his mom but I don’t know. I think I’m going to have a monster mom-in-law." She sighed at her and then looked at Dan. "But yeah, you’re right. I’m Blair Waldorf and I will have my wedding my way. You know what I’ll just think about it later. I’m supposed to ignore anything that’s wedding related anyway so I’ll just handle it when I’m in the mood." She gave him a smile as she continued to watch the movie.

Wednesday Sep 28 @ 08:49pm

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